In Production Since 1975                                                Charity Number 1186678

Welcome to the Elmbridge, Runnymede and Spelthorne talking Newspaper (ERSTN) website.

This website is best viewed with the browser set to full screen and also has a lot of audio support, so hopefully it can be navigated by using the TAB key.

To use the TAB key. Simply press enter or return after you have changed pages and then use the TAB key to go straight to the audio information for the page. To reverse the TAB step, use Shift+TAB. Using the TAB key takes you to specific buttons.

When a button is either selected by using TAB or the cursor floats over it, an audio description will play. If appropriate, enter or return will activate a link.

There are edge warnings to help you if you are using, and lose track of, the cursor.

Each page is set up in the same way, with the ERSTN banner and then, just below it, a field with an audio description if that is required.

A set of further buttons is just below this field to help navigate to other pages. Below this is the specific page content and may include text boxes which are explained in the audio.

As an example, this page has a button below the audio field, which takes you directly to the weekly newspaper.

Below that, there is a button to take you into the site proper where you can find interesting local activities and other links, the ERSTN history and other information about ERSTN.

Lastly, on all pages, there is a button to reset the page if you need to restart the TAB process. Simply use Return or enter when you hear the audio and then Return or enter again to reset the TAB setting to the start of the page.